Saturday, 17 May 2014

Event Calender

                              The app "Event Calender" is fully designed for windows app in which  user can see and maintain the various events such as  Birthdays, Marriages, Festivals, Holidays, celebration events etc, lists throughout the year and will able to get relative notifications. This app will help users by reminding them the upcoming Events and help them to schedule for those.
                          The user will able to add new events, delete events and search them by key notes, dates or titles.The user also can able to Edit any Event details and download the list of events as a Excel file. 


Privacy policy :

                    The Privacy policy is subjected to change without notice, Hence please check the policy before downloading the app.
                     This Privacy policy is all about the app Event Calender. The privacy clears that only valid user can access the app and no any third party can access their Data and Information.
                     It may collect user personal Data to store in Cloud and will remain safeguard  against any loss or theft as well as unauthorized access.
Last Modified: 18-May-2014